What Others Say About Thomas

Here is what film professionals that have worked with Thomas before have to say about him:

“In a moment of deep panic, as I was randomly shuffling through CDs in my office searching for a tricky piece of music that needed to be replaced in our film, Thomas C. Baggaley called me out of the blue asking if we ever used original music at DOG ON A BIKE FILMS.  I can’t remember what I said, but I did say, ‘Can you come to our office now and we’ll see.’  He did come.  We showed him the scene with a temp track that we liked and gave him the difficult job of replacing the music with his original composition.  Thomas worked fast, smart and saved the day for us.  He understands the creative process of music composing and film making so we were able to work well together—back and forth till it was just right.  We were happy with Thomas’ work.” - Steve Olpin, Dog On a Bike Films
“My experience with Thomas Baggaley was great.  He is a sensitive man, and he makes possible the creation of that feeling that every director should have with his composer.” - Enrico Bencivenga, director and writer, Dreamland.
"[A] talented composer" - Kieth Merrill, Academy Award winning producer and director referring specifically to Thomas in Meridian Magazine.

“It was a joy to work with Thomas. He was very sensitive to the subject matter and was able to make several scenes more powerful with the use his music. He remained true to the overall concept of the film by making the score an integral part of the whole. I am very happy with his work.” - Christian Vuissa, Award-winning director, producer and writer of Unfolding and Roots and Wings.

“With Mariah’s Prayer, Thomas Baggaley has written a wonderful score that perfectly sets the mood and tone of the film. His music added the perfect blend of childlike innocence and childhood fears. He was able to accentuate the little girl’s fear without making it too scary for children to watch. Thomas was easy to work with. I basically explained the tone of the scene and he was able to compose exactly what I wanted. We set a deadline and he met it with no trouble. I would recommend Thomas’s work to anyone.” – John Lyde, Director, Mariah’s Prayer

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Phone: 801-653-2843

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